Smoking Fetish Nightmare With Brand New Boyfriend

Smoking Fetish Nightmare With Brand New Boyfriend

You can find fetishes that are strange here but have actually you ever run into a smoking cigarettes fetish? Can you picture your boyfriend that is new asking to smoke cigarettes while having sex?

What’s much more strange could be the girl under consideration didn’t actually smoke. He wanted her to smoke during intercourse given that it turned him in.

He wanted her to smoke while having sex him on because it turned.

The girl is really a mom back at my Facebook help team and after this she shares her anonymous tale with you.


We came across him once I ended up being 17, I happened to be simply away from college had started my very very first work where he additionally worked, he had been my 2nd boyfriend that is‘serious.

He had been couple of years older during our shifts than me and I was flattered when he began to chat with me.

He had been tall, good-looking but timid and peaceful.

After a couple weeks of flirting we sought out for a glass or two together after finishing up work and after that we started a relationship that lasted simply over per year.

Us and buddies thought we produced lovely few and we did.

The reality is, we fell deeply in love with him pretty quickly.

We invested considerable time together therefore we unearthed that we’d extremely childhoods that are similar upbringings.

But four months to the relationship he sat me straight down, about’ he said‘ I have something I need to talk to you.

My heart skipped a beat, we thought he was going to end the partnership beside me.


He’d a key, he explained he trusted me personally along with it, he had never trusted anyone before.

I became naive during the age 17, We hadn’t had much life experience, only having had one relationship before him.

He saw the look that is shattered my face and explained it wasn’t anything bad as a result, he liked me personally and then he had been prepared to share their key beside me.

I became simply relieved which he wasn’t going to end our relationship and hugely flattered that he trusted me personally adequate to let me know.

We told him that he could let me know any such thing and I also wouldn’t think any different of him, that i might nevertheless love him.

He fished around in the pocket of their jeans then held their fist that is closed out me personally.

We reached away and took just just what he had been providing, a packet of cigarettes.

‘You smoke? Okay, we don’t brain that. Why can you keep that the key? ’ We asked.

‘No, we don’t smoke, they’re for you personally” he explained.


I experienced never ever even while much as tried a smoke in my own life.

In reality growing up with moms and dads whom smoked implied I happened to be actually pretty anti-smoking together with sheer smell of tobacco smoke made me feel unwell.

Nonetheless it ended up that my boyfriend possessed a fetish, perhaps maybe not any fetish but a cigarette smoking fetish.

Smoking switched him!

The scent of tobacco smoke switched him on in which he desired me personally to begin smoking although we had been sex that is having.

If i’dn’t smoke cigarettes ‘for him’ then we couldn’t be together.

So right here I happened to be confronted with a instead strange dilemma, I experienced dropped in deep love with this person and I also didn’t desire to lose him.

Would smoking cigarettes while having sex be all that bad?

Perhaps fetish smoking cigarettes and the scent of tobacco smoke wsincen’t because bad as we thought?

Perthereforenally I think so, therefore stupid for just what used to do next, i did son’t leave, We lit a smoking up and I also viewed his eyes be excited once the smoking smoke-filled the atmosphere.

My self-esteem ended up being therefore low and I also ended up being hopeless me, I was willing to do anything to keep him and make him happy for him to want.

We remained together for the next 6 months.

In my own naivety, I was thinking that i really could simply get one or two cigarettes whenever I had been with him and therefore I would personally never ever get hooked.

But just when I lit that very first smoke he changed towards me personally.


He’d inform me personally to light up another smoking nearly as soon as we had placed one away.

He got even more frustrated with me personally and now we could simply be intimate if I happened to be smoking while having sex.

We never ever told anybody because We felt stupid and because We adored him.

But after 6 months I experienced to leave him, we strolled away.

Just also nursing a broken heart we ended up being kept as being a 20 on a daily basis cigarette cigarette smoker.

A practice also a decade later on that i will be struggling to split.

Some state I became poor, some that I happened to be incorrect to complete exactly what he asked, some state that I happened to be forced and manipulated.

We don’t understand what I became.

I simply understand i will be nevertheless a cigarette cigarette cigarette smoker and I also want that I experienced never ever started.

That man was loved by me, but he’d a cigarette cigarette smoking fetish which implied he liked a smoke a lot more than he adored me personally.

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